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Begginers Guide

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Begginers Guide  Empty Begginers Guide

Post by BLAST on Wed May 03, 2017 12:02 am

First off welcome to Nostalgia PW. I hope this starter guide helps to get you on your way to the old fashion PVP Perfect World has lost over the years.

After character creation go to the Npc in your starting area and take the Starter gear quest.
You will receive 3 packs Mage,Light, and Heavy TT 99 G12 gear. Opening these packs also gives you lvl 100, 5 million coin, and loads of spirit to learn skills.
Assuming you have voted you should have 2500 gold. Please when voting, vote on all 3 sites and correctly complete the Captcha's to get your reward.
after you have distributed your points opened a Teleport map and bought TP stones you can now travel to Archasaur.
For cultivation look to your quest log upon creation to complete. All Skill books are in Item mall.
In the boutique is all TT, CV mats to further gear your character. Also Craft books so no need to bother with those nagging craft Quests just craft and use books to lvl your crafting skills.
In order to earn rep there are several mini WB's Scattered over the Map locations can be found via Google, lol. Those bosses drop wraith marshal stamps that give 500 rep each. Spawn times are 10 min after death, so achieving rank8 happens fairly quick, unless you are ganked while farming but that's all part of the fun.
If anyone else would like to add to this feel free.
Well Good Luck, and Happy Gaming

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Begginers Guide  Empty Re: Begginers Guide

Post by Admin on Wed May 03, 2017 3:13 pm

Thanks for the useful guide Smile


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