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Post by Jea on Tue May 16, 2017 10:22 am

Thanks for taking a look at perfect world nostalgia!
This guide is for brand new players who need to know the
basics of what to do to get started on your adventure in
this classic version of pw.
Every section of the guide will be broken into
spoilers to help navigation and keep it clean.

New beginnings, Old memories:

So you have registered on the pwnostalgia site, downloaded the client,
created your character and voted. The first thing you should do in game
is grab the Starter Gear quest from the first npc at spawn to get 3 different
sets of TT gear. Opening those packs will give you exp, spirit, and that set
of gear. You also start out with 200k rep as of this post.
open the boutique to get the majority of the basic items you need.
Your Geographic map, telestones, inventory stones, ground and flying mount,
a max stack of guardian scrolls!
Oh and personally i also get a ton of fashion most importantly!

Next is refining, stoning your gear. Optionally you can also do crafting at
this point or later when you need to craft your nirvana and or g16 gear.

Refines, Stones and Crafting. tedious but necessary:

currently +12 dragon orbs can be bought in packs of 12 for 50 gold in the boutique.
This may change but for now open the boutique go to utility then refine. Grab some
Mirage celestones and scroll to the bottom to find the dragon orbs.
Stones are under Misc.
Crafting has to be done manuely however the books
for leveling crafting are in the boutique as well under mats and skillcraft.
I know crafting is boring but its not as bad as having to do crafting quest  Neutral

So your geared in TT at least now you need skills, go to south west arch to
grab some skills and then talk to general summer to get the third fairy of your
choice. skills are under misc2 in boutique, now its time for fcc....

Frost covered City:

fcc is the best place to level once you have done that and i suggest bringing
along others at a similar level to you. Don't bring a max level person if possible,
They will take most of the exp  Crying or Very sad
alot of the mobs have been increased in level to 150 to help them give more exp.
They start in between the first and second boss.

this guide is still a work in progress and ill be adding things later.

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Post by Admin on Tue May 16, 2017 8:25 pm

Good and clear guide, thanks for posting Smile
Moved to guides section btw!


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Starter Guide Empty Venomancer post spawn no packs?

Post by Wolfchibi on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:20 am

Not sure if this is an actual issue, but i recently just started playing and found that there are no packs available for Venomancer at spawn site.
However, it might have been because i actually went to North Arch and pre-levelled to 100 killing those FC mobs.
Is this right? Is it possible to get the gear or do i need to remake a character all over again? Shocked


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Starter Guide Empty Venomancer post spawn no packs?

Post by Wolfchibi on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:23 am

Seems i was correct and you actually need to grab the packs before levelling or they become unavailable.


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