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Server Resurrection

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Server Resurrection Empty Server Resurrection

Post by winskate on Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:50 am

Hi PWN team and fellow gamers good day

off late our server is becoming less and less active and i hope the below points might help fix that but again they are just personal opinions so up to PWN team to consider or ignore them.

1. Missing PVE in server. For any successful server there should be balanced pve/pvp or to be more honest more PVE.. never trust the pvpers they'll come and go.. we've all known all the servers that gave away end game and encouraged pure pvp have all died fast soon after their launch.

a) 1-2 vip pack reward for mobs kill quest say kill 100 mobs in rotflesh trench of 1 kind or 20 of each kind option from custom npc. also increase the area for custom mobs say rotflesh and other areas near it as it is too small to fit entire server its fine for now but anybody checking server will see this wont work well too long
b) fix leveling place asking GM to spawn every time might not be a good way both for player and server side. right now most of the guilds present follow ethics and stays away from heads leaving them for new players but we've seen guilds in game that kills them all with members having max levels to prevent new players from leveling in game

2. Donation items has no values in game at the moment please fix it.

say flyers -> world bosses drop them, packs gives them so guilds give away them to new players preventing them from ever need to donate for them.. this makes boutique flyers useless
VIP tome -> off late most people go insta mage with boutique tome so they don't find a need to donate for VIP tome
Cubi -> voting gives a lot and server is not big enough so no one donates for it yet
Packs ->
VIP packs - New boss only -> few players who can multi client like 4 or above solo it or big guilds do it at present giving unfair advantage from rest of server
Donation -> again server not big enough to encourage players from donating for it.

Suggestions -
Flyers -
remove unnecessary items from boutique like all various low lvl flyers and give just 1-2 lvl 10 speed flyers for each race
Add max speed flyers with other designs other than that from packs and world bosses to donation and add images on forum, say the designs removed from boutique originally.
gives donators unique flyers to get through donation while non donators gets max speed but stuck with basic designs only
VIP tome -
Add the original stats of VIP tome or remove it with new tome that can display correct stats in game so new players and all can actually know how much difference it actually makes in game and makes them want to get 1. also remove insta from game even for donators with VIP tome
Cubi -> lower vote rewards to say 500 or 1000 gold. off late seen many just vote and come every few days to buy voter packs and open and log off again. make players stay in server. Basic Psychology -> humans gives more importance to things they've spent time and effort on.
VIP packs - a way to get from pve too like in suggestion 1 killing 100 rotflesh mobs so it remains fair for all and encourages people to farm even after reaching end game / while encouraging PVPers to kill farmers.. but again please make the area bigger rotflesh is too small at the moment and spread the mobs more so all classes can farm fairly and not forced to make aps chars. at present warriors have unfair advantage of easy farming over rest of classes. I lure a lot and aoe kill them easily while i see some new members of other classes has to lure very few @ end game and kill 1 by 1..

3. Custom content:

Rotflesh is nice but very less area and mobs crowded and very hard for new players to farm, a bigger area with wide spread mobs could make it easier and fun to farm for all

G16 is nice but insta is kinda breaking balance please remove it ty, seen many new players quit after 1 week or 2 seeing insta is possible in server. same for aps.
would be nice to remove nirvana channel and interval options from weapons and trade few vip or voter packs to any old players who got 1 so they dont qq or even if they do its for the greater good of server.

New boss is kinda nice and a fixed spawn time could be nice like every 8 hrs if killed with reduced drops say 6 packs total instead of 12 with very rare chance for rings or helm or vip tome so all time zones can get a chance to kill it and not the privileged few who happens to be online after a GM summons it whenever they log in.


Custom Mobs killing quest as suggested earlier with VIP pack reward for pvers

custom flyers with max speed inside donation for donators who want to have unique flyers from rest of community.. but difference only in looks and not in speed

custom fashion would be nice too.. for donators only

got a lot more suggestions but seeing how low funded the server is atm.. guess the above should be good enough for now until server gets more population

As for Forum:

create a Guild Section
Create a Trade section ( 1 thread per player or ignore this section for now if forum space costs )
Create a Media Section (Must / no direct uploads only links from approved upload servers say for example approved image hosting websites like photobucket etc / approved video hosting websites like youtube etc)

Host a event for promotion after all above changes are made and tested and verified properly working

Give a link to register on server and play for 1 week minimum with option to enter the player name who referred the game on new registration page

the player with 10 or above promotions say 10 or above registrations / voting / play in game for a week gets VIP tome and 2 rings or something like that.

sorry for the lengthy post and yes this article could entirely be wasted effort too.. if the developer not interested in it.. but still just wanted to share it here.

Best wishes for server have a nice time both in game and in real life Smile

- eva (Tempest Director)


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Server Resurrection Empty Re: Server Resurrection

Post by winskate on Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:23 am

while here wanted to add

almost no one uses mounts inside game at present since flyers give more speed than mounts

so just a suggestion remove all low speed mounts and keep only 1-2 speed 10 mounts in boutique add 1 to 2 speed 20 mounts in packs / world boss drops same as flyers and add remaining designs of mounts with speed 20 for donators.


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Server Resurrection Empty Re: Server Resurrection

Post by Enki on Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:01 am

Well... some players use instant just for their fun. 1vs1 mostly. The bm is more op. Maybe with 2.8-3.33 max aps will be fine. I want to play DPH bm here, honlestly, but theres no chance. His damage with endgame vs endgame just sucks. Im really bored of aps and instant. About others... idk. Im pvper and im still here.

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Server Resurrection Empty Re: Server Resurrection

Post by sylence on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:05 pm

well ive had 9yrs pw experience and even GM on a few servers over the course of almost a decade, so trust me when i say the glaring issue i see with this server are two main things
1: the farming is abnormally boring and isnt tailored to suit new players just now starting, and after seeing how much of the mats they end up needing its off putting.
pve keeps servers alive but too much of it and people who are ready to pvp end up leaving because not enough people are also ready.
the better thing to do is, is instead of going straight from start gear to end gear make a gear tier thats easier to make and slightly weaker than the actual endgame, that way people can actually pvp but still have the incentive to pve for the real endgame gear.
also GM events only as the way to get your endgame rings and helm is one of the worst possible ideas, nobody wants to have to rely on that to finish gear. create an alternative that allows players to be more self sufficient.
2: class restricting all the endgame weapons is a bad idea also, its forcing people to play a style that they may not like, and also taking away from the diversity the game could have, its another thing that can cause people to wanna leave

but some other side notes,
-fix the vote system for one, so people wont get unexpedtly banned
-id also say insta and 5.0 is broken but the truth is there are alot of people this appeals to, therefore its best to leave them but lower the dmg to a point where just spamming hotkeys or one stunning someone isnt enough to kill them, then introduce items and endgame gear with more power, for those who would rather dph
-after thats done you can make all kinds of custom items tailored towards increasing balance, and the mats can be in an instanced cave ir you can make an instanced cave where you can farm mats for books and have the boss at the end drop books themselves...this way people have more to do than just no-life farm in rottflesh
-also id suggest for the g16 rings a good idea might be to create mats that can be farmed somewhere on main map which can be used to craft the rings, but it wouldnt have to be easy ya know? like you need 5 of A,B,C and D, but to craft ABCD you need 250 of some other mat...that makes it so its still a challenge but can be done through your own effort, ya know?

welll ik thats a TLDR but thats all i can think of at the moment, sorry about the wall text lol


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Server Resurrection Empty Re: Server Resurrection

Post by Jea on Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:04 am

i like sylence's ideas, they would help the server a lot. Voting really needs to be fixed because
it helps with advertisement mostly and we all need some cubi any way. if there was just a basic timer
that didn't actually stop you that would help tons with the abuse. at least until it gets properly fixed.

i do think it would be nice to have a way to get the endgame ring and helm some way our selves and
not gm events. have the bosses spawn some where, at maybe longer re spawn times than wb.

i think all boutique flights should be 10ms and not just 2-3 last ones. variety is not a bad thing


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Server Resurrection Empty Re: Server Resurrection

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